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The Ultimate Guide for End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney is a service in Sydney for a particular type of house cleaning that takes place when a tenant vacates his rental abode and seeks the return of his bond money from his landlord. The reason for moving out is the expiry of his lease, hence the term ‘end of lease cleaning’ given to this service.

A Mandatory Practice

End of Lease Cleaning which is also known as bond cleaning or exit cleaning is a mandatory practice. It is required by law that the rented property be handed over to the landlord in good condition so that he does not suffer any monetary loss and can rent it out again at the same or higher rate.

Why do I need a Professional Service?

Moving out can be a strenuous and expensive process and it is advisable to hire a professional service for cleaning out your old house. Should you try to do the job yourself it would not only be an additional headache but your house may not pass inspection and you would forfeit your bond. Call End of Lease Cleaning Sydney to book a professional cleaning job.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise in Inspection

The process of inspection of rented property in Australia is extremely rigorous but as a service, End of Lease Cleaning Sydney is familiar with the expectations of estate agents and landlords and can guarantee the return of your bond money in full.

Detailed Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney is a service that performs a comprehensive cleaning job, paying attention to every minute detail. We carry a checklist of items to be cleaned so nothing is overlooked. The detailed cleaning job performed by the cleaning crew cannot be replicated by an individual so it is advisable to hire a professional service.

Use of a Cleaning Kit

Our workers not only have experience and expertise in the field but they carry their own cleaning kits. The advantage of hiring a professional service is that we are knowledgeable about modern methods of cleaning and our workers come equipped with the latest cleaning materials so they can do a total cleaning job.

Review of Items to be Cleaned

Prior to the hiring of a professional service, it is recommended that the tenant reviews his lease agreement to note if it contains any cleaning specifications. Moreover, all appliances and fixtures should be checked to ensure they are in good working condition. The carpet also requires to be professionally cleaned in order to improve its condition and prolong its life.

In case you wish to perform the cleaning yourself you should have a checklist of the areas and items to be cleaned. Generally one starts the housecleaning process in the kitchen. The refrigerator is the most important item in the kitchen that needs cleaning. It should be defrosted and the food removed so it does not contaminate the fridge. The bathrooms require mopping while all surfaces in the bedroom and living room should be dusted. Fixtures such as lights should also be cleaned.

Difference between Basic Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

It is important to remember that while basic cleaning is useful for the maintenance of your home, end of lease cleaning involves a special type of cleaning known as deep cleaning. Deep cleaning addresses more than just the floor and tiles; it requires cleaning hard-to-reach areas as well.

Additional Reasons for Opting for a Professional Cleaning Service

You can save yourself tension and worry and make the process of moving out stress-free for yourself by hiring a professional cleaning service. End of Lease Cleaning Sydney will do the job for you.

You can save time as well by hiring a professional service since we are experts and will do the job more efficiently than yourself.

The cleaning performed by a professional service will be of a high quality and will satisfy your landlord.

In the event that the landlord is not satisfied, we will come back to do a reclean. Most cleaning companies offer a bond back guarantee and this is an additional advantage of opting for a professional cleaning service.

Additional Services Performed

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney will, as a professional service, not only clean your house but also perform additional services such as carpet cleaning, pest control and gardening __all of which are necessary for end of lease cleaning so that you get your bond money back. Carpets are cleaned through a special process called steam cleaning; this service is generally performed by the same cleaning company.


In conclusion, it may be said that the ease with which you move out depends on your decision to hire a professional cleaning service. We at End of Lease Cleaning Sydney assure you of a hassle-free experience. Our workers are police-verified and fully insured so the client can relax during the cleaning procedure. Moreover, we offer a 4-day guarantee for getting your bond back and a free reclean within 72 hours if you are not fully satisfied. As such we are the best in the business and we invite you to book an appointment with us when you choose to move out.

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