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Quality House Cleaning Sydney: A Total House Cleaning Solution

Gs House Cleaning Sydney is a cleaning service that provides a total cleaning solution for your house as it encompasses a range of services including kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, garage cleaning, carpet cleaning, bedroom cleaning etc.

House cleaning is an important concept since it is necessary to clean your house periodically not only for its maintenance but to keep it in sparkling new condition. It would be appropriate here to specify the difference between regular cleaning or basic cleaning and deep cleaning. Regular cleaning is necessary for the upkeep of the house but is limited in scope as it addresses only the floor and tiles.

Deep cleaning cleans the hard-to-reach areas and is necessarily the work of a professional service. If you should hire House Cleaning Sydney, we will do the job for you.

Deep cleaning cleans the hard-to-reach areas and is necessarily the work of a professional service. If you should hire House Cleaning Sydney, we will do the job for you.

We Sanitize Your Kitchen

House Cleaning Sydney undertakes kitchen cleaning as part of our house cleaning service. The most important item in the kitchen is the refrigerator. Prior to cleaning, the fridge is defrosted and the leftover food removed to prevent contamination. All other appliances in the kitchen such as the oven and the stove are thoroughly cleaned and we perform a high quality cleaning service whereby the kitchen is completely sanitized.

We Clean Your Bathrooms

Importance of Cleaning the Bathroom 
House Cleaning Sydney includes bathroom cleaning in its house cleaning service. The bathroom is an important room in the house and is an integral part of house cleaning. Since it is used so frequently by so many people it becomes a host to bacteria and a source of infection for the household. It is necessary to clean and disinfect the bathroom in order to eliminate disease-producing bacteria.

The Process Given below is a step-by-step guide on bathroom cleaning as practiced by House Cleaning Sydney.

Removing Clutter

The first step to cleaning the bathroom is to eliminate clutter. Creating space is necessary before cleaning the various surfaces. Accordingly, all articles should be removed from the countertops, shelves and bathtub and those past their expiry date should be tossed out.


Hair fall takes place in the bathroom and hence we find it necessary to vacuum all the surfaces before the actual cleaning.


House Cleaning Sydney scrubs all surfaces in the bathroom including the shower floor and uses a disinfectant spray to sanitize the surfaces/.

Cleaning the shower

The mould that has collected on the walls and floor of the shower is removed by House Cleaning Sydney using a simple homemade cleaning solution. The shower door is cleaned with a cleaning spray while the shower curtains are washed in the washing machine.

Cleaning the toilet

The toilet is cleaned using a toilet cleaner and a brush on the inside of the toilet. The exterior of the toilet is cleaned with a disinfectant spray.

Cleaning the floors

After vacuuming the floors are deep cleaned using a bleach solution.

The detailed cleaning of the bathroom described above is necessary for promoting health and hygiene within the house and cleanliness in the bathroom. Bathroom cleaning is undertaken by House Cleaning Sydney as part of its general house cleaning services.

Tile and Grout cleaning by Gs House Cleaning Sydney

Tile and grout cleaning by a professional service such as House Cleaning Sydney is vastly different from the do-it-yourself method. Professional cleaners use state-of-the-art equipment which includes high pressure steam cleaners and scrubbing machines that are successful at removing stubborn stains. We at House Cleaning Sydney are specialists in this process and do a comprehensive and top-notch job of cleaning your tiles and grout.

Garage Cleaning by Gs House Cleaning Sydney

Removal of trash: House Cleaning Sydney offers garage cleaning services as part of its general house cleaning service. We organize and declutter your garage by removing trash and unwanted items of furniture that are being hoarded in the garage and give it a spacious and new look.
Fully insured workers: Our workers are fully insured so there is no financial risk to you in case of any accidents or damage during the cleanout process.
Enhancing value of your home: Cleaning out your garage is seen as an example of home improvement and increases the value of your property so it is beneficial to hire House Cleaning Sydney as a professional service.

Carpet Cleaning by Gs House Cleaning Sydney

A carpet is a household item that brings style and colour to your house. With proper care and the hiring of a professional service to clean your carpet, it can last up to fifteen years. House Cleaning Sydney is a service that can work magic with your carpet.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpet

Regular cleaning of a carpet is essential; a carpet should be cleaned once a year, if not every six months. Carpet maintenance is important for the following reasons:

  1. Cleaning a carpet dramatically alters the appearance of the carpet as it regains its lustre and vibrancy of colour, thus enhancing the decor of your home
  2. Regular cleaning improves the general condition of the carpet prolonging its lifespan
  3. Treatment of the carpet promotes health and hygiene in your home. Over a period of time, a carpet accumulates dust and becomes a host to bacteria and various pollutants. This creates a health hazard in the house and it is therefore necessary to clean a carpet regularly.
  4. With the passage of time a carpet may get contaminated by spilled drinks or pets and will start giving off a bad odour. In the interest of hygiene and to eliminate odours a carpet needs regular cleaning.

How We Clean Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning companies give a number of options for cleaning your carpet. The most common methods of carpet cleaning offered by cleaning services are discussed below:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Generally speaking, the best way to clean your carpet is through steam cleaning. This is a form of deep cleaning also known as the hot water extraction method. According to carpet cleaning specialists, this method removes 90% of the dirt and is also effective in killing bacteria.

Carpet steam cleaning service uses the pressure of hot water and steam to dissolve and remove dirt and other pollutants that have collected on the carpet or become lodged in the carpet fibres. The steam also kills termites, bugs and other insects caught in the carpet. Steam cleaning also gets rid of dents in the carpet caused by heavy furniture.

Other common methods of carpet cleaning are carpet shampooing, carpet dry cleaning and foam carpet cleaning. You can rely on House Cleaning Sydney to care for and transform your carpet.

Cleaning your Bedroom by Gs House Cleaning Sydney

House Cleaning Sydney does an expert job of deep cleaning your bedroom. We scrub the floor and every available surface, empty out cupboards and even clean lights and other fixtures. Thus we perform a comprehensive and professional task of bedroom cleaning as part of our general house cleaning service.

Why Choose GS House Cleaning Sydney

Comprehensive Cleaning

We provide a total cleaning service that includes all aspects of cleaning such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and vacuuming.

Client-Centric Approach

The client is the most important person in the whole cleaning service which is geared to satisfy him.

Flexible Service

Ours is a customized service that is adjusted to meet the particular needs of the client.

Hire GS Bond Cleaning for the Best House Cleaning Sydney

GS Bond Cleaning Sydney provides the best by House Cleaning Sydney and our service takes place in three easy stages:

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Schedule your Appointment

Call us to book our service and we will give you all the necessary information on the phone.

House Cleaners Team

Let our Team Handle the Cleaning

Let our professional and skilled team clean your house with their expertise. You can leave the whole matter of cleaning in our hands and get ready to be satisfied later with the results.

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