Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions of Our Service :

Kitchen – Clean inside/outside of all kitchen drawers, cupboards, oven, cook top, grill & range hood, wash inside/outside of dishwasher and appliances, damp wipe all kitchen bench tops, clean kitchen sink and taps.
Bathrooms – Wipe and disinfect toilet, clean and disinfect shower screen and tiles, clean and disinfect bathroom sinks, wipe all counters, clean mirrors, bathtubs wiped and disinfected.
Laundry – Wash sink and cupboards, appliances – external wipe down(If applicable).
Bedroom, Lounge/Dining room – Clean mirrors, remove litter, clean inside cupboards, removing all scuff marks.
Hallway – Clean mirrors, cupboards inside and stairwells.
Walls & Doors – Spot clean walls, doors, light switches for finger marks and scuff marks throughout.
Floors – All vacuumed and mopped throughout.
Dust/Wipe – Throughout all light fittings, all skirting boards, fans, air conditioning units, air vents and remove cobwebs.
Windows – All throughout internal & external(Where safe to do so), sliding glass doors, frames, and ledges wiped down.
Balconies/Patio – Complimentary sweep and mop.

Exclusions of Our Service :

Any outside areas will not be included in our service unless specified and agreed upon.
We give a complimentary sweep/mop in the balcony or patio area but we do not guarantee them because of dust and rain factors.
We try cleaning the mould, tile grout but we do not guarantee them.
We do not include the ceilings as a part of our service.
We do not guarantee cleaning of damp spots in the property.
We do not guarantee discolouration which often happens on tiles, plastic items, toilets, etc, we try to clean them with the best of our professional experience but we still do not guarantee it.
Complete wall clean, we only clean spots around light switches, focal points and skirting boards on the walls but if the wall require a detailed wash that comes at an additional price which we will let you know once we are at site.
Any additional item like fridge or any other white goods will not be included unless specified and agreed upon.
Garage – We only sweep/mop the garage floor but do not guarantee it.
Kitchen items are not guaranteed and in case of a furnished property we do not clean the cutlery items.