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House Cleaning Sydney: Caring for Your Home

House Cleaning Sydney is a cleaning service that provides a total cleaning solution for your house as it encompasses a range of services including bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, Bond Cleaning Sydney etc. We will discuss our various services in this blog with a special emphasis on bond cleaning.

House cleaning is an important concept since it is necessary to clean your house periodically not only for its maintenance but to keep it in sparkling new condition. It would be appropriate here to specify the difference between regular cleaning or basic cleaning and deep cleaning. Regular cleaning is necessary for the upkeep of the house but is limited in scope as it addresses only the floor and tiles.

Deep cleaning cleans the hard-to-reach areas and is necessarily the work of a professional service. If you should hire House Cleaning Sydney, we will do the job for you.

Bathroom Cleaning

House Cleaning Sydney includes bathroom cleaning in its house cleaning service. The bathroom is an important room in the house and is an integral part of house cleaning. Since it is used so frequently by so many people it becomes a host to bacteria and a source of infection for the household. It is necessary to clean and disinfect the bathroom in order to eliminate disease-producing bacteria.

Given below is a step-by-step guide on bathroom cleaning as practiced by House Cleaning Sydney.

Removing Clutter

The first step to cleaning the bathroom is to eliminate clutter. Creating space is necessary before cleaning the various surfaces. Accordingly, all articles should be removed from the countertops, shelves and bathtub and those past their expiry date should be tossed out.


Hair fall takes place in the bathroom and hence it is necessary to vacuum all the surfaces before the actual cleaning.


House Cleaning Sydney scrubs all surfaces in the bathroom including the shower floor and uses a disinfectant spray to sanitize the surfaces

Cleaning the shower

The mould that has collected on the walls and floor of the shower is removed by House Cleaning Sydney using a simple homemade cleaning solution. The shower door is cleaned with a cleaning spray while the shower curtains are washed in the washing machine.

Cleaning the toilet

The toilet is cleaned using a toilet cleaner and a brush on the inside of the toilet. The exterior of the toilet is cleaned with a disinfectant spray.

Cleaning the floors

After vacuuming the floors are deep cleaned using a bleach solution.

The detailed cleaning of the bathroom described above is necessary for promoting health and hygiene within the house and cleanliness in the bathroom. Bathroom cleaning is undertaken by House Cleaning Sydney as part of its general house cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is also performed by House Cleaning Sydney through a special procedure known as steam cleaning. Regular treatment of a carpet dramatically alters the appearance of a carpet, bringing its vibrant colors to life and enhancing the decor of your home. Cleaning a carpet also improves the condition of the carpet and increases its lifespan.

A carpet may also be contaminated by pets or spilled food and drink and start giving off a bad odour. For this reason, too, the carpet should be treated. Moreover, over a period of time a carpet becomes a host to dust, allergens and other polluting substances. To preserve the health of your family and the hygiene of the home it is necessary to treat a carpet regularly. House Cleaning Sydney provides that treatment as part of its house cleaning services.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a special season of the year, heralding the end of winter and it is a time for new beginnings. Spring cleaning is a type of house cleaning that takes place in the spring season and is designed to give your house a new look. House Cleaning Sydney provides that service by not only cleaning the house but also rearranging furniture and eliminating clutter so as to make your home look spacious and new.

Bond Cleaning

Bond Cleaning Sydney which is one of the services provided by House Cleaning Sydney is also a type of house cleaning but the difference between bond cleaning and spring cleaning is that the former pertains to the cleaning of the whole property while the latter is concerned only with the house.

Bond Cleaning Sydney is a service that is mandatory since it is required by law that a vacating tenant should leave the property in good condition so as not to forfeit his security deposit. He is therefore compelled to hire a professional service.   If you hire us we at Bond Cleaning Sydney will do the job for you.

Bond Cleaning Sydney has highly trained workers who carry state-of-the-art equipment. They use bio-degradable materials in order not to do any damage to the house or the environment. Ours is a budget-friendly service that is totally transparent. Moreover, we give the highest priority to the customer and have built a base of loyal customers who consistently give us positive reviews. This has made us the best service provider in the city of Sydney. Call us for a free quote.

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